Sharing Smart Links

Creating your smart link is a first step in getting your music out there. However, distribution is even more important because it drives traffic, streams and followers to your music. Share your smart link in as many places as you can and increase your chances of success.

We collected some ideas on where you can share your smart link to help you get started.

  • Social media: Utilize all the channels you’re active on. Share your smart link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (including Instagram Stories).
  • Bio in social profiles: Put a bio smart link to the "Bio" section of your social media profiles. In this way, everyone who visits your profile can quickly access your most important content.
  • Descriptions: Some platforms have the possibility of adding description to your content. Examples include YouTube video description, Pin description on Pinterest and Soundcloud description.
  • Marketing campaigns: Use Smart Links in your email marketing campaigns, sponsored posts and ads.
  • Website/blog: Embed Smart Link Player on your website or blog.
  • Direct messages: Reach specific people by sending them a smart link in a private message.
  • Electronic press kit (EPK): Replace traditional links with smart links and make your music available with one click.
  • Reddit: Utilize forums devoted to music and share your work there.

Creation date: 07/12/2021 17:54      Updated: 25/05/2022 14:51