Checking Smart Links insights

When you share your Smart Link across the web and social media, we collect data to help you understand how your link is performing. The analytics dashboard displays key activity metrics for each Smart Link within a selected time period.

  • Viewsthe number of times the link has been visited.
  • Unique Visitors: the number of people that visited your link.
  • Bounce rate: the percentage of visits to your landing page where the visitor closed the page without doing anything.
  • Average visit time: the average amount of time visitors spend on your landing page.
  • Referrerssites that “referred” visitors to your landing page.
  • Browsers & operating systems: the technologies used by the visitors to reach and browse your landing page.
  • Devices: details about hardware.
  • Countries: the geographical sources of visits.

You can check insights for each Smart Link you’ve created in our app. Go to the shared playlists, select one of the shared playlists, and find Page Views / Last 24H. Click on it and you will open the statistics page.

Creation date: 07/12/2021 17:55      Updated: 21/03/2023 16:54
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