Song Order Synchronization

Song order synchronization is a feature that ensures the order of songs in your destination playlists matches the order in your source playlist. If you change the order of songs in your source playlist, FYM will automatically update the destination playlist to reflect those changes. 

However, it works differently with Spotify's Liked Songs playlist. Spotify’s Liked Songs playlist adds new tracks at the top, reversing the usual order. When transferring this playlist to another service that doesn’t support specific positioning, the order gets messed up. To fix this, we deliberately reversed the whole Spotify Liked Songs playlist during the transfer.

Short Note: Please note that some streaming services do not support song order sync yet; you can check it directly in your transfer whether the specific music platform has this limitation.

Creation date: 01/07/2024 22:51      Updated: 01/07/2024 22:51