The difference between Basic & Premium

In this short article you get to know the main differences between Basic and Premium plans that we have in offer. Here they are: 

1) Basic is a package, not a subscription as Premium. Hence, you pay once for Basic, which is valid forever. Premium, however, is a subscription, which auto-renew every quarter or year.

2) Basic package does not include an auto-sync feature and Premium does. Auto-sync means that your playlists are automatically updated every 15 minutes in a destination streaming service. Hence, if you add new songs to your source playlist, they will be transferred to a destination one. 

3) We do not storage data for Basic package – it means that while connecting new devices to your license, you won't see already created transfers or connected accounts. 

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Creation date: 22/02/2022 16:45      Updated: 22/02/2022 16:45